Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher                      Mrs G Denham-Hale B Ed (Hons) MA

Deputy Headteacher        Miss H Denton 

Assistant Headteacher     Mrs L Wells 

SENCo                                Mrs C MacGregor

Class Teachers

Amber Class      Early Years    Mrs S Brewer and Miss P Knapton

Diamond Class   Year 1           Miss I Evans 

Emerald class    Year 2            Mrs M Etheridge and Mrs Quilter

Opal Class         Year 3            Miss H Denton and Mrs M Warnes                                                    

Ruby Class         Year 4           Miss S Murphy

Sapphire Class   Year 5           Mr J Anderson

Topaz Class        Year 6           Mrs L Wells

Additional Teacher

Mr P Denham Sports and Leadership Cover

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

Mrs C MacGregor (also member of the senior leadership team)

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs A Nicholls

Mrs W Purcell

Mrs L Beale

Mrs K Moore

Ms K Finch

Mrs S Healey           

Mrs A Roberts 

Mrs S Hook

Mrs A Bond

Mrs L Braybrook

Miss S Brookes

Mrs Morgan

Miss W Morris

Mrs N Peach

Mrs L Smith

Mrs V Stokes

Mrs C Wilson

Mrs D Lloyd

 Midday Assistants

Mrs A Nicholls (Senior Midday Assistant)

Mrs L Braybrook

Miss S Brookes

Ms L Harland 

Mrs V Stokes

Mrs C Wilson

Mrs N Peach (1:1)

Mrs W Purcell (1:1)

Mrs D Lloyd (1:1)


Breakfast and Teatime Clubs Before and After School Care

Mrs K Moore (Breakfast and Teatime Club Coordinator and Administrator)

Mrs W Purcell (Teatime Club Leader and teatime club Assistant)

Mrs S Healey (Teatime Club Assistant)

Mrs S Hook (Teatime Club Assistant)

 Administrative and Clerical Staff

Mrs C Norman (Office and Finance Manager)

Mrs C Hayden (Administrative Assistant)

Mrs M Wood (HR and Finance Assistant)

 Catering Staff

Mrs S Lowe  (Catering Manager)

Mrs L Smyth (Assistant Cook)

Vacancy (Kitchen Assistant)

 Site Manager

 Mr A Healey


 Mr A Healey

Mrs J Lawrence