Opal Class Summary of Learning Autumn 2017



Opal (Yr3)


 Autumn term 2017 learning fun

Welcome back everyone to the new term.

The children have been having lots of fun learning about The Stone Age, fossil formation and lots more.

We were acting out hunting and killing wild beasts, which helped us produce exciting and descriptive writing.

We also looked at many types of rocks and fossils.

In gymnastics we have been trying different rolls and jumps.

 We have been using ICT to design a game where Stone Age man has to move around the screen collecting objects. We used the Scratch programme. We then looked at each others game and said what was good about them and what could make them  even better.


In maths we have been discovering all sorts of interesting facts about angles. We used Pacman to search for right angles and then made angle measurers to make, right angles, acute and obtuse angles.


Opal class summary of learning Spring 2018


Super learning with parents

 Mrs Corrigan came in to help us with our learning all about the skeleton and bones. We loved it and learned lots of fascinating facts!

In R.E. we were studying Hinduism, learning about the faith and learning from it. We were really pleased to have Mrs. Hancock in class who showed us some really interesting artefacts and shared with us, many aspects of Hindu festivals. We loved the idea of Holi! 


Making maths fun!

   We enjoy using equipment and models and images to help us understand number even more clearly. You can use it with really big numbers and even show decimals!


  Learning for 2nd March 2018

Hello everyone.

With Mrs Warnes, in maths we have been learning about measurement.

Can you practise measuring at home?

You could measure the length of icicles in your garden. Measure the depth of the snow. Measure using cm or for a challenge mm.

You could try out some cooking. Make sure you weigh all the ingredients accurately. Measure in g and kg. How many grams are in a kilogram?


You could use food colouring to colour water and then measure how much liquid you have got. Try to use a measuring jug that measures in ml. Look at the scale on the jug and work out what all the interval lines mean.

Your grown up could set you a challenge like this.

Our next project in art is printing. Could you try some printing at home?

Use everyday objects that you are allowed to get paint on!

If you haven’t got any paint at home perhaps you could do some big prints in the snow using different objects. Take a photo for your art book.


 Also we know that you are really keen to finish your fables, so feel free to do this at home. Perhaps you could use a computer to produce the end of your story. How about videoing you and your family members acting it out!

We will be looking at poetry when we return to school, so perhaps you could find a poem that you really like and practise reading it out loud. We will be performing poetry next week.

Please remember to read every day to a grown up.

Enjoy playing in the snow and remember to stay warm.

 More maths!

We have been learning about fractions in maths and we have used lots of equipment to help us visualise fractions and develop our understanding.


World book day

We really got into the spirit of world book day. We shared lots of our favourite books and dressed up in some very imaginative costumes. Here is a selection of them.



 Summer term learning