Snow Activities

Diamond Snow Activities

Diamond Snow Activities.

I hope that you are enjoying the snow! Below is a list of some of the things your children could be doing to aid their learning. Please do not feel that you need to do all of this. I am looking forward to seeing you back at school. 


Revise counting in 2's 5's and 10's. To help with counting in 2's use pairs of socks and to help counting in 5's use gloves. 

Play any allocated Abacus games. 

Revise number bonds to 10 and 20 using Hit the Button on Top Marks Maths.


Our current English focus is all about instructions. Please could you write a set of instructions on how to make a snow man.  I have put a writing frame below to give you an idea of how to support your child with this.



Our current topic is all about plants. Create a diagram of the different part of a plant. Example below.


Phonics/ Reading

Please keep reading for 10 minutes a day. If their school book has become repetitive then please use any other books and if necessary read them together.

Children can play Picnic on Pluto on Phonics Play.  Please choose to revise all of phase 5. Encourage them to say each sound and then blend togather. They can then decide if the word is real, give to Bob, or nonsense and give to Obb.


Autumn Term Diamond Class


Welcome to Diamond Class! We hope that you had a lovely summer and we are ready for all of the great learning ahead this year.

Below is a picture of our classroom.


Our first topic is the ‘Big Build’ where we will be focusing on stories which feature homes e.g. ‘The Three Little Pigs’ , materials and buildings in our local/school environment. During Art lessons we will be looking at Native American wolf masks and aim to create our own. We will be posting some pictures of our masks when they are finished so keep looking at the website.

We hope that you have a successful year and Diamond Class are looking forward to the challenges ahead.


Wolf Masks 

As promised we designed and made our Native American Wolf masks. Below are some pictures of us with our masks. We hope you like them just as much as us! 

Autumn 2

In diamond class we have been very busy with our new topic, all about me. Below is some of the exciting learning we have been doing.


Our first unit of work was all about instructions, where we wrote instructions based on a book called Vegetable Glue. In this book body parts fall off a young girl because she is not eating healthy. We then decided that we ought to know how to make vegetable glue if this were ever to happen to us.


We have been learning about what it would have been like for our parents to go to school. Due to all of the children’s fantastic homework, we had a fantastic lesson where they shared photos and stories from their parents.


In our Art lesson we have been learning about self-portraits. We used a cross method to make sure that all of the features on our face were in the correct place.


We have been learning about our human body and what all of the body part are called. We then moved on to learning about the five different human senses.


Although not closely linked to out topic, we have been focusing on both 2d and 3d shape. Below are some pictures of us sorting 2d shapes. We challenged ourselves by sorting them into 3 groups. 


 Spring 1 

Diamond Summary of Learning Spring 2018

In Diamond Class we have been extremely excited by our new  topic, Posting and Places. Below is an idea of what we have been learning about.


Our first unit is all about letters. We were very lucky to receive a letter from our new friend Ahanh, who lives in the Arctic Circle.  We are going to write a letter back to her telling her all about life in England and to ask her questions about the Arctic. We will also be looking at an Inuit story called, ‘The Polar Bear Son.’  


In our art lessons we have started to learn about Inuit art and looked at an artist called Kenojuak Ashevak. We then designed our own Inuit print which we shall then create a foam tile with to block print onto paper.


We have been busy conducting scientific investigations. The first investigation we carried out was all about falling objects. We made a prediction that the multilink would fall the quickest and the flat piece of A4 paper would fall the slowest. We then carried out a fair investigation and proved our prediction to be correct.


We have been learning more about place value in our maths lessons and have started to use a new piece of maths equipment called Base Ten. We used them in the below lesson to order numbers from smallest to greatest and vice versa.


Science Experiments 

Our current topic is all about the Arctic and in our science lessons we have been enhancing our science skills by conducting different experiments. One question we asked ourselves in an experiment was ‘How do polar bears keep warm?’ To find out the answer we first put our hands in freezing water to check the temperature. We then put a gloved hand in the water as we all thought it was the fur which kept the animals warm. However, we soon found out our hand became cold. Lastly, we put on a glove and covered the gloved hand in lard. We discovered that our hands stayed warm. Our class teacher then spoke to us about blubber, and this was just like our lard. Thus, the reason why polar bears stay warm is because of their blubber.



Class Trips 

In the last half term we have been very lucky and have been on two class trip to support our sowing a growing topic. The first of these trips was to Hyde Hall. On this trip we got to look around the gardens for the first signs of spring and to be build nests for different animals. The second trip was to the Limes Farm where we planted our own seeds and even got to pull up some of the vegetables that they grow on the farm!


Animals Allsorts 

 Summary of Learning- Summer 

Our current topic is all about animals and we have been having great fun learning all about animals. In our science lessons we have learnt some new scientific vocabulary, herbivore, omnivore and carnivore. To apply our new knowledge we sorted animals into their correct groups using a Venn




In our English lesson we have be learning about animal poetry. We have even been learning to perform our poems and we used puppets to help us remember the actions.